Dr. Bear’s First Ever Blog Post

Why am I starting this blog you might wonder? Well, as you might have gathered from the About page, I am neither a doctor nor a bear. The bear part doesn’t really matter, but the doctor part most certainly does.

You see, I am currently in one of the most dreadful of all possible states: applying to medical school. Someday I hope to write to you all as a real, bonafide doctor, but for now, a neurotic application-obsessed self is all I bring to the table. Anyways, I thought it might be fun to have a place to write about med school apps, the current fabulous state of healthcare in the United States, and eventually some of my experiences as a med student, resident and physician since my future career will afford me endless amounts free time to write about these adventures.

Maybe that won’t be the case, but right now I have free time coming out my ears, and this blog should provide a nice creative outlet. Plus, the anonymous nature of the project means I do not need to worry about admissions committees breathing down my neck. Unless they have an in with the NSA, in which case I’m probably doomed!


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